What is a Biz Mobile Card?

A Biz Mobile Card is a very small mobile website. Perfect for reading and sharing via a Smart Phone running Android, Windows or Apple operating systems.

We limit information on the Biz Mobile Card Network to information that you currently find on a traditional paper business card.

There is one exception. We have added a QR or Quick Response Code to the card. This gives you the advantages of evolving Smart Phone technology in one simple step.

How do I use my Biz Mobile Card?

To share your Biz Mobile Card is easy simply show your Biz Mobile Card via your Smart Phone or your Desktop and have your contact scan the QR - Quick Response code with their Smart Phone. A message will be given to open your Biz Mobile Card and when your contact selects "yes", your card will load.

To save your page to their Smart Phone they simply go to their menu, create a bookmark and save. Now you are easily accessable via their Smart Phone.

What makes Biz Mobile Card different from other Online Business Card Options?


Your Biz Mobile Card is really just an electronic version of your paper business card with a QR Code enhancement.

Other programs offer marketing campaigns, custom pages and links, ways to bump phones or transfer data. Most are sold in monthly subscriptions and have either scan quotas or a hit counter. This means you pay more when you use them more.

For a limited time BizMobileCard is FREE. The card you create will remain a free version card for 12 months. This card will have BizMobileCard advertisements in the lower footer of the card. We reserve the right to these free ads. You will never see ads for adult products or services and content will be fit for all ages.

If you would like a BizMobileCard without advertisements the cost is $4.99 for 12 months.

If you would like a Mobi web dedicated BizMobileCard without advertisements & a personal QR Code the cost is $24.99 per year. This includes a domain name and your mobile Business Card redirect.

Who is behind my Biz Mobile Card?

Biz Mobile Card is part of the Buying for a Puprose, Inc.

Buying for a Purpose creates revenue streams for Non-Profits like schools, youth groups, churches and other non-profits.

Most likely you have come in contact with our program because you are related to someone, who is trying to help a non-profit group. Or you are a non-profit group who is trying to help local businesss in your community grow.

How can I get Biz Mobile Cards for everyone in my group?

If you have more than 50 employees please contact us for a group rate. We can even Co-Brand the card with your company. 877-404-2008 or email us at

Can my company sell Bizmobilecard in an affiliate program?

Yes, we have an affiliate program where you can co-brand the mobile card with your company's name and logo. We will set you up with a website to help market the different mobile websites and you share in the profits! Please contact us at to learn more.